Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ultherapy or ThermiRF for tightening my neck and jowls?

Ultherapy and ThermiRF are both excellent procedures for neck and jowl tightening.  Ultherapy is entirely noninvasive whereas ThermiRF is minimally invasive.

Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound energy to target the SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System), which is the muscular tissue that is normally sutured or shrunk during a facelift.  Unlike a facelift though, no incisions are required to reach this layer of tissue as the ultrasound will send directed energy waves to shrink it up.  Easy enough and no recovery time required.  A second pass is also made which targets the dermal collagen and forces the skin to generate healthy new collagen fibers to keep the skin firm.  Although the procedure does hurt during treatment, there is no pain afterwards.  Patients are able to tolerate and get through the procedure just fine.  You can resume all normal daily activiities right away.

ThermiRF is a monopolar radiofrequency device.  First, the neck and jowl skin is numbed using a small blunt canula.  The procedure is entirely pain and sensation free after the numbing.  Next, a thin probe is inserted in a fan like pattern across the neck and jowls, while heating the area of the SMAS and skin.  Temperatures of 60-65 degrees are reached under the skin to enable for tightening and shrinkage of the SMAS.  If there is excess fat in the neck, there will also be some fat apoptosis for better contouring.  The skin temperature target is 42-45 degrees for optimal collagen stimulation.  After the procedure, a chin strap is worn for 48-72 hours to provide mild compression to the area.  Swelling is seen for several days.  There is minimal to no bruising afterwards.  We recommend restricting activities for a few days or a week until the swelling subsides.  ThermiRF certainly delivers the more dramatic results for patients with more significant skin laxity.  It is the perfect procedure for someone requiring a facelift but does not want surgery.  You are entirely awake and alert throughout this painless procedure.

Both procedures are excellent options with excellent safety profiles and excellent results.  Give us a call at 513-985-9885 to learn more and help us help you decide which would be a better option for you.  There are a few other skin tightening procedures we offer as well including Exilis Elite, Skin Tyte, Thermage and Thermismooth which you may also be a good candidate for.  Our passion is to help you look and be your best.

Ultherapy Before and After Photo

ThermiRF Before and After Photo