Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best Hand Rejuvenation Options with Dr. Gupta in Cincinnati

Don’t forget about your hands!  As we age, our hands may show our age even as we take care of our face, neck and décolletage.   The hands become less full appearing, more easily showing veins and tendons.  The skin becomes thinner, lending to wrinkling.  Brown spots and keratoses (raised spots) begin to appear.  It’s important to apply sunscreen and antioxidants to the hands just like we do for our face, neck and décolletage.  However, at some point, a little help from a few simple procedures can make a big difference.  It’s best to begin when the earliest signs of deterioration are noticed.

To combat plumpness, we can add volume back to get rid of the bony and veiny look.   Radiesse is a great choice for this problem.  It is especially suitable for injections into the hands. Carefully placed and gently spread through the hands, it adds an instant lift.  Recovery time can include some initial swelling and bruising.  It’s best to avoid blood thinning medications such as ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oil and garlic supplements for 10-14 days in advance.

Injection foam sclerotherapy is also a great option when the veins are especially prominent.  This can be seen even in younger patients and can easily masculinize one’s appearance.  Just like superficial unwanted leg veins, hand veins can also be eliminated with injection sclerotherapy or laser vein treatments, though sclerotherapy is usually the first choice.

Laser resurfacing procedures such as Fraxel are wonderful in stimulating new collagen and elastin fibers for frail skin.  A few simple treatments and the hands will look refreshed and healthier.  Fraxel laser is great for wrinkling and pigmentation.  If the brown spots are especially prominent, the Q-switched 532 nm laser works best for eliminate and wipe the spots away.  Broad Band Light is also an option that can be helpful when the spots are flat.  For elevated brown spots and lesions, other specialty lasers are great at smoothing out the spots.

As the premier cosmetic dermatology destination, we are able to offer 25 different lasers and technologies to help you achieve your goals using the best technology that is best suited and will give the best results for a given problem.  We really pride ourselves in keeping ourselves up to date and able to give the best solutions to our patients.   All procedures are carefully thought through and administered to give the best results.  

We highly recommend protecting your hands early on.  Use the same products you use on your skin on your hands.  Especially apply an antioxidant serum daily, containing Vitamin C, Resveratrol and/or green tea extract.  Sunscreen is great, but it wipes off with handwashing, whereas the antioxidants will give more lasting protection and do not wipe away with handwashing.  Our specially formulated organic, chemical free antiaging creams are also an excellent choice.  When driving, watch the amount of sun exposure your hands are receiving and try covering with a light scarf.  UVA radiation is able to reach through car windows!

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