Tuesday, August 25, 2015

STOP sweating Forever with #ThermiDry

STOP sweating Forever!

And STOP wearing deodorant Forever!


Do these scenarios look familiar?  Tired of your expensive clothes getting nasty sweat stains?  Embarassed of smelly underarms that sweat in an instant without warning—especially when presenting that important project in front of a room full of people?  You have tried all the deodorants on the market, even prescription strength ones—nothing is working.  Baby powder, talcum all to no avail.   Have you tried the underarm sweatshield pads? 


Well, if you’re not too keen on sporting these beauties or spending money and time washing and buying new ones, there are certainly some great options that get rid of sweating AND odor!  The best on the market and our favorite is ThermiDry

1)      ThermiDry is an awesome procedure.  Here is how it works.  After doing a sweat iodine test to locate where the sweat glands are located, the area is numbed with a local anesthetic.  You are completely awake and alert for this procedure.  Once the numbing takes effect, there is absolutely no pain.  A tiny needle puncture is made and a small canula is placed under the skin.  It is slowly threaded in and out in a fan like pattern directly under the skin, until all the sweat laden skin areas are treated.  The energy emitted from the tip of the canula is Radiofrequency (controlled electricity) that heats and disables the sweatglands, PERMANENTLY!  Once the areas are treated to the desired time and temperature, the canula is removed.  The tiny needle puncture usually closes within 24 hours and is difficult to even locate.  No Pain, and that’s it!  The procedure is extremely safe as a thermal camera makes sure the skin temperature stays in a safe zone.

2)      Botox:  Tiny injections with neurotoxin into sweaty areas works like magic to stop the sweating and odor.  Sadly it is not permanent, but can last sometimes up to a whole year in some patients.  I have even seen some patients no longer requiring Botox injections after a few visits…almost as if they are cured.  However, in reality, Botox does not provide the permanence of ThermiDry.
3)      Vaser Liposelection.  Instead of the ThermiDry probe, the Vaser ultrasound probe can also be used to heat and destroy the sweat glands.  It’s a good option, but it does not have the control of ThermiDry.  Therefore, our preference is definitely ThermiDry for superior, safer and more controlled results. 

The other consideration is the potential dangers of using deodorants.  80% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed!  There are many chemicals such as parabens which are in skin products such as deodorant that end up in areas like biopsied breast tissue.  It can't be good.  The above procedures can help eliminate these from our medicine cabinets for good and help us lead a cleaner, healthier life.
To this end, I have created my own line of organic skin care creams for the face, as well as an awesome scrub and masque.  You can find these at www.mokshaorganics.com  and include an Anti-Aging crème, Skin Repair crème, Skin Brightening crème, Skin Tightening crème, Face & Body scrub, Face & Body masque.



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